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Flexible Mouth Guard For Teeth Grinding

When shopping for a Flexible Mouth Guard for Teeth Grinding, it’s important to choose a high-quality product made from high-quality materials. Most mouthguards are made of durable, heat-cured plastic. However, some are also made from acrylic materials. Purchasing a high-quality product from a reputable lab should have a number of benefits. It should be latex-free, and customers with latex allergies should select one made of a latex-free material. Others may prefer to buy BPA-free mouthguards, as well.


The patented design of the ConfiDental flexible mouth guard for bruxism eliminates the need to wear bulky, uncomfortable mouth guards. Designed to fit all sizes, it also features stability wings for extra safety. The bite-pads rest comfortably between the molars and are held in place by soft tissue in the lower lip and cheeks. The mouthguard is made in an FDA-inspected facility.

This teeth grinding mouthguard is made from premium dental-grade materials. It has a durable hard acrylic outer layer for durability. The soft laminate inside layer provides maximum comfort. The manufacturer also provides a money-back guarantee if the mouth guard does not work as expected. The mouth guards are easy to trim, and come with protective carrying cases. They can be reused as long as you take care of them.


Using a flexible mouth guard for teeth grinding is an effective way to protect your teeth while you sleep. Many patients experience overall teeth sensitivity due to clenching and grinding, and the loss of enamel can expose the nerve. Because of this, it is important to get a mouth guard that covers as much of the teeth as possible. You can make the mouth guard more flexible by molding it in hot water and trimming it to fit your teeth.

Some patients require an extra-strong mouthguard to prevent the symptoms of bruxism. There are different types of mouthguards to choose from, and you should find one that suits your needs and budget. For mild bruxers, you can buy an Oral-B mouth guard, which comes with a protective case and a money-back guarantee. It costs a few dollars less than the other two, and it covers all upper teeth.

ConfiDental Ultra

The white ConfiDental Ultra flexible mouth guard is a mouth guard that combines three different functions into one. It protects your teeth when you grind your teeth, play sports, and are teething. Its flexible, moldable material is the perfect solution to teeth grinding and clenching. You can get a custom-fit mouth guard in about 10 minutes. Its pre-molded soft cover protects your gums and is easy to clean.

This comfortable mouth guard is thin and lightweight, allowing you to sleep with it comfortably. Its patented design prevents you from damaging your back teeth by clenching and grinding your teeth at night. The guard also makes it easier to talk, drink, and breathe. It also promotes wakefulness while sleeping. It helps reduce the grinding habit while you sleep and provides relief from pain and discomfort.

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