Living in the County of Surrey

Many people simply think of Surrey as the commuter county outside London, where people can live slightly quieter and cheaper lives whilst commuting to their jobs in the Big Smoke. However, there is much more to Surrey than this and with the most wooded areas of any county in the UK, it is a beautiful place to live. Living in Surrey there is a chance to have a great quality of life, and it is becoming a popular place to live due to the stunning countryside, low crime rates, excellent amenities, useful transport links and top schools. Read on for more information about living in the county of Surrey.

Properties in Surrey

The property market in Surrey is varied and you can find anything from modern flats and farmhouses to period homes such as Victorian, Tudor, Edwardian and Georgian houses. At the top end of the scale, the more expensive properties can be similar to London prices. However there are a number of reasonably priced homes in the urban areas, and initiatives that offer affordable housing. Most homes have large gardens and kitchens Surrey similar to country homes across the UK.


There are great rail connections from Surrey to the capital and the rest of the country including South Central, Thames Trains, South West Trains and Anglia Railways. The best roads to reach surrounding counties and London are the M25, M3 and the M23. There are a number of useful A-roads within the county which connect towns and villages.


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