How to Hit Longer Drives in Golf

The quest for longer drives is an important part of the game for most players. You never hear of players complaining that their drive is too long, even the long hitters still want to achieve more distance. However, constantly trying to get longer drives can often make players neglect other important aspects of playing such as their accuracy, wedge play and putting.

Hitting a long drive will help you to improve your game though. There may be some things holding you back, such as a lack of acceleration, an incorrect angle with the clubhead and a poor shoulder turn on the backswing.

To practice your drives, it is best to go to the golf range Surrey or your nearest driving range regularly. You can either hire a professional to help you with your technique, or keep practicing to improve.

For acceleration improvement, you should use the “whoosh drill” with or without a golf ball. This drill helps you to better your body sequencing as you swing, making sure the acceleration as you hit the ball is at the fastest.

If you are hitting the ball at the wrong angle, you need to twist or tilt your spine. Also check the ball position, remember that it should be opposite your left heel. This means when you go to hit, your spine should tilt to the right slightly. Therefore your right shoulder will be lower than your left shoulder.

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